I went thru a grueling process involving the heart wrenching threat of home foreclosure. Attorney Ravosa consistently comforted me with reassurance and kept me moving in a positive direction. I fully credit Attorney Ravosa’s outstanding knowledge and experience for us prevailing in our quest for justice. Due to his hard work and diligence, my children and I are able to stay in our home. Our situation was resolved with complete satisfaction. I was treated with respect and no matter how many questions I presented, I never was made to feel like a bother. I have highly recommended Attorney Richard Ravosa to several acquaintances of mine and they cannot thank me enough. I am told they have received the same great serive that was given to me. Attorney Richard Ravosa’s knowledge and services surpass all others!
Cheryl, Chicopee     Attorney Richard Ravosa and his staff are ones of caring, respect and professionalism. He helped our family through a very difficult time in our life and showed us a true light at the end of the tunnel. The staff listened to our life story; family medical needs and did so with respect. They have helped coach us into a family saving plan as we can provide a little something for our boys. Life is better without the annoying phone calls and sleepless nights as to wondering how can we survive this. Thank-you Atty Ravosa and thank-you to your great staff.
Peter- Springfield, MA     In January of 2011 I lost my job. My husband and I depended on both of our salaries to pay our monthly bills. We decided that we had no other alternative than to file Chapter 7. This was a very emotional decision for us. I was recommended through a friend to contact Attorney Richard Ravosa. Richard, Cynthia and the entire staff were very professional. This company is outstanding and valuable, they are very dedicated to all of there clients. Cynthia in particular, I found to be very compassionate. She has helped me through many difficulties. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking Bankruptcy, and have to all my friends.
Marc from Foxboro     I would like to thank Attorney Richard Ravosa and Town and Country Legal Services so much for their help during my extremely rough times. It seemed like I could not get a break anywhere, and things were just happening one thing after another. When I called them for help with my financial difficulties, they were very professional and caring. They also helped me tremendously, knew exactly what they were doing, and were able to help me get a break with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, so I could have a second chance and fresh start. I also don’t have to deal with the nasty creditors anymore calling all day and night, even weekends and holidays. I feel totally indebted to them and appreciate all they have done, as things are still hard, but this is one less big thing off my shoulders, and I am able to focus on the other important things that I need to. I recommend this law firm for anyone with financial difficulties; they will help you with professionalism, courtesy and are affordable, even if you think you can’t afford a lawyer. Couldn’t ask for a better lawyer and team…. thanks again!!!!
Jennifer, Westfield     Richard Ravosa and his staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. This was an amazing amount of personal angst for me after waiting 10 months to have a short sale refused, forced to go through a foreclosure of my home, and then personal bankruptcy, I was at the end of my “emotional” rope. Richard and his staff were available by phone and email constantly. They answered all of my questions thoroughly, assisted me with the huge amount of details necessary to accomplish this, and literally held my hand throughout the process. I don’t think I would have been able to get through the process without the personal attention they gave me.
Diane, Boston     My wife and I had the unpleasant task of filing chapter 7. As for others who have had to face this procedure, I can attest to the unpleasant and emotional feelings associated with filing. However, the positive that came from this was securing Town and Country Legal Associates to represent us. The first person I met was Cynthia Ravosa, who not only made me feel whole again but after communicating with her I could tell that she was knowledgeable and professional. When I left her office I felt a 3000 pound weight was off my back. The next person I came in contact with was her husband, Richard Ravosa and I felt like I hit the lottery! He represented me along with my wife at the trustee hearing. This man is a great attorney who sat with us and the trustee during our interview. Mr. Ravosa conveyed a feeling of reassurance that his firm was there for us for any further questions or concerns, and believe me, they have! For anyone who feels they have to approach a bankruptcy, I strongly recommend Town and Country Legal Associates. Having Cynthia and Richard Ravosa as representation, equals an honest and great team working for you all the way.
Joe & Carolyn, Wakefield     Thanks to Attorney Richard Ravosa and the staff of Town Country Legal Associates, our lives have done a twist of 180 degrees. My wife and I were in a bad financial situation that put us under a lot of stress and was affecting of our marriage. Fortunately, we found Attorney Ravosa in the web. He gave us a free consultation in which he explained us what a bankruptcy and loan modification were about. Town Country Legal Associates helped us with both situations. The process went pretty smooth and unstressful. They were very warm and comprehensible whenever we had any questions and doubts, and always, very knowledgeable and professionals. Thanks to them we feel free with a fresh start.
Gerardo     Last year I was going through a divorce and was faced with a depressing reality that I was alone. Not only was I physically left alone I was faced with losing my home and the bills were piling up.
I felt like no one understood exactly what I was going through, not my family, and especially not my divorce lawyer. I was lost! I felt like I was not being heard.
Until one day I received a post card from the law offices of Richard Ravosa. I thought OK another lawyer promising to help me. I put it aside and one day I did call. BEST CALL I EVER MADE!
I can not begin to express the level of professionalism that I have, and continue to receive from Richard Ravosa and his amazing staff. In a tough and extremely vulnerable time in my life I must say that Richard Ravosa and his staff delivered exactly what they said they would.
Maureen from Maynard     I can’t say enough good things about Attorney Richard Ravosa and his staff at Town & Country Legal Associates. From the evening I first called they always made me feel as though my situation was important. Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy thing to do and they made me feel so much better about my situation. I can’t say enough about all the help and information I received from them and I never had to wait any length of time for responses to my questions. They are truly attorneys that work FOR you and I would tell anyone in need of a bankruptcy to call them FIRST!
Billy, Wrentham     Attorney Richard Ravosa and his staff are the best in my book! They walked me thru any issue I may have had and answered any question I asked quickly and thoroughly. I would recommend Atty Ravosa when you need good service and someone to talk to when you have questions about your case! Thanks so much.
Jeffrey from Holden     This firm is the best that I have experience. The staff was very professional in handling my claim. Without their assistance I wouldn’t have a fresh financial start. Thank you for helping me you guys are the best at what you do!
Maribel, Dorchester     My husband and I are very grateful and appreciative to Attorney Richard Ravosa and his staff. Our house flooded 3 years ago and we had to do what we had to do to put it back together, with no help from our insurance company which put us in debt. With the help of Attorney Ravosa we were able to erase all of our debt plus credit cards and save our house. We would recommend Town & Country Legal Associates to anyone who is in need of legal assistance, they are wonderful.
Barbara and Bruce, Everett     Attorney Richard Ravosa was very informative. He kept me up to date on my case. He is knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Attorney Richard Ravosa keeps me up to date with the process. With everything that I’ve been through it helped to know that he is knowledgeable in his field. He went to court with me and was very supportive. He always made himself available to me whenever I had questions. Attorney Richard Ravosa gave me good advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone that I found was in my situation.
Lee, Plymouth     Overwhelmed with debt, I needed help. But I was afraid of dealing with money issues and I had very little money to pay a lawyer. A friend recommended Rick Ravosa. Rick and his team guided me through the process promptly answering all my silly questions along the way. Best of all they treated me with respect and compassion, they were pulling for me! Today I am debt free!!! Compared to other lawyers I’ve used, there’s no question, I would always recommend Attorney Richard Ravosa to all my friends, family and anyone who asks.
Kathleen, Dracut